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Virtually furnish your home
Following Roles
  • User Research
  • UI Design
  • Design System
Services Provided
  • Discovery & Strategy
  • Branding
  • Communication
  • User Interface

Hernest in the USA offers an extraordinary array of furniture products and services, providing a seamless blend of style and functionality.

Crafting a native iOS mobile app for ordering furniture online promises an enhanced user experience. Infused with a human-centric design approach, it embodies a meticulous study of balance, symmetry, and perfect proportions.

Product Feature

  • Modern and simple design
  • Introducing exciting features to drive sales
  • Refining the Human-Centric design experience
  • Leveraging advantages of native App features
  • Optimise sales strategy
  • Tailor communication
Modern and simple design

Keep the design clutter-free with ample white space, simple shapes, and a minimalist approach. Avoid unnecessary elements that may distract or overwhelm users.

Introducing exciting features to Drive sales

Enable users to visualise products in their real-world environment using their smartphone or tablet cameras. Also our well-crafted blog serves as a strategic tool for upselling, acting as a dynamic platform to showcase the value and benefits of premium products.

Refining the Human-Centric design experience

I strive to deeply understand the emotions and motivations driving user behaviour, ensuring that design solutions address genuine user concerns.

Leveraging advantages of Native App features

Strategic use and optimisation of the unique capabilities inherent in a native mobile application. Eg: AR Framework, Push Notification, Camera Access, Apple Pay Integration, Accelerometer access and Performance Capabilities.

Optimise sales strategy

Optimising a sales strategy involves refining and improving various elements of the sales process to maximise efficiency, effectiveness, and ultimately, revenue generation.

Tailor communication

Tailoring communication addressing individuals by their name and incorporating details relevant to them. This can include referencing past interactions, purchase history, or specific preferences.

Design System
Organised Layers

Structuring and managing the various UI elements in Figma composition in a systematic and easily navigable manner.

Pixel Perfect

Meticulous attention to detail and precision in crafting designs to align with the pixel grid of the intended display.

Global Style Guide

As a style guide, is a comprehensive document or set of guidelines that establishes and communicates the visual and brand identity standards . Ex: Typeface, color and consistency

Component Library

UI component library collection made with loves to benefits reusable, standardised building blocks used in the development of user interfaces.

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